Bosch Alarm Keypad Commands You Probably Can’t Live Without!

The Bosch Solution alarm panels have several handy keypad commands that I use regularly and I thought you might find useful.

These commands work on the Bosch Solution 844, Solution 880 Solution 2000, and Solution 3000

You may never use any of these features but it’s good to be aware of them.

There are Standard Commands that can be performed without a code

Then there User Commands that require a code to activate the function..

Some of these Commands are especially useful and can really enhance your security.

List of Standard Commands

You don’t need a user code for these commands. Just press the buttons as shown to activate the feature.

Press [ 1 ] for 3 seconds

External siren test. Activates the External siren for 2 seconds

Press [ 2 ] for 3 seconds

Internal siren test . The Internal sirens will activate for 2 seconds

Press [ 3 ] for 3 seconds

Strobe light test. Turns strobe light on. Press [ 3 ] again to turn off

Press [ 4 ] for 3 seconds

Turns ‘Day Alarm’ on and off.

The Bosch Day Alarm feature lets you monitor up to 4 zones even when the alarm is turned off. When a Day Alarm zone is triggered, it sounds the beeper on your codepad.

It’s useful for alerting users if the pool gate or front or back door has been opened.

Can also be used for gun safes and medicine cabinets.

Day zones are set up using the Installer code. Unfortunately, you cannot set these zones up using your Master User code.

Press [ 5 ] for 3 seconds

Fault Diagnostic Mode

Used if your Bosch panel is beeping and displaying the triangle Warning icon.

I have a comprehensive article and video HERE that will show you how to fix faults FAST

Press [ 6 ] for 3 seconds

Initiate a dial-up connection to your installers computer.

Some clever installers use this feature to make changes to your system without having to visit your home. Things like code changes, alterations to entry and exit delays and other settings can all be done remotely.

To ensure your installer can’t dial in without your consent, you need to press the [ 6 ] button before the installer can connect to your panel.

Press [ 7 ] for 3 seconds

Reset any latching outputs in your system. If your installer has set up special outputs for controlling gates, lights, sprinklers or other functions this command will force the output to reset.

Hold Down [ 8 ]

Codepad Buzzer Pitch. Pressing and holding the [ 8 ] button will cause the audible tone of the keypad buzzer to change. Release the button when the tone is set to your desired level.

Press [ 9 ] for 3 seconds

Sends a ‘Test Report’ to the monitoring centre if you have back-to-base monitoring.

If you have mobile phone monitoring, it will send a test call to the first mobile number on the call list.

A quick and easy way to ensure that the monitoring communications path is working.

Note: This won’t send a ‘Test Report’ to the Bosch RSC + app if you have it. You can easily tell if your panel is communicating to the app so it’s not really necessary.

Press [ * ] for 3 seconds

Arms the system in Stay Mode 1.

A code is required to disarm from Stay Mode 1.

List of User Commands

A user code is required to activate these features. Just enter your 4 digit user code, press the Function number, then press Away.

[ Code ] [ 1 ] [AWAY ]

Add or Delete user codes and remote control

I have a thorough explanation with videos on how to add and delete user codes and remote controls HERE

If you’ve forgotten the Master Code go here for help

[ Code ] [ 2 ] [AWAY ]

Change telephone numbers for mobile phone monitoring. Up to 3 Numbers can be stored.

If your Bosch alarm dials your mobile phone to alert you of an alarm activation, this is where you can change the phone number that it dials. The panel can dial up to 3 phone numbers if the alarm is triggered.

The User Manual shows you how to add and delete numbers. You can download the manuals below

The procedure is different depending on your panel type.

Bosch Solution 880 User Manual (see page 16)

Bosch Solution 2000 and 3000 User Manual (see page 25)

[ Code ] [ 3 ] [AWAY ]

Change the ‘Call Forwarding’ options When You Arm and Disarm

If your alarm is still using an analog phone line for monitoring this handy option diverts incoming calls to your home phone straight to your mobile phone. This happens automatically when you arm the alarm.

And when you arrive home and disarm the alarm, the diversion is cancelled and incoming calls are directed back to your home phone.

This can be done on the Solution 844 and 880 – See page 13 of the user manual

and on the Solution 2000 and 3000 – refer to page 21 of the user manual

[ Code ] [ 4 ] [AWAY ]

Program Stay 2 Zones

This mode gives you another option to automatically bypass some of your sensors while leaving other sensors active. A typical example is night arming. When you sleep you might like the bedroom sensors to be bypassed but have the living area sensors active to give you some protection against burglars. You probably already have this set up in your system.

Stay Mode 2 lets you do the same thing but with another group of sensors. So you could have your garage or driveway alarm on during the day but all other sensors would be bypassed.

I explain how to set it up here

[ Code ] [ 5 ] [AWAY ]

Manually turn an output on and off

It’s handy to be able to control outputs from the codepad. It extends the functionality of your system and adds a bit of automation if that’s your thing.

The outputs can’t be controlled from the codepad by default. Your installer (or you, if you’re so inclined 😉 needs to set it up to make that happen

Note: I use an 880 control panel output to control my ducted heating at home. I got sick of waking up hot and sweaty in the middle of the night because the kids went to bed and left the heater on. I’ve written about it here if you want to do the same thing. (It’s easy!)

You can use outputs to control your garage door, automatic gates, sprinklers, lights. In fact anything that can be switched on and off with a switch.

The Bosch Solution 844 and 880 have four outputs:

1 – External Siren

2 – Smoke Detector power

3 – Strobe Light

4 – Internal sirens

but only the first three can be re-assigned to be controlled from the codepad.

The Solution 2000 and 3000 have 5 outputs. You can increase this to 20 outputs by adding Output Expander Boards.

No extra outputs an be added to the 844 and 880.

To control an output, enter the master code [ 5 ] [ AWAY]

Enter the number of the output you want to turn on, then [ AWAY]

Press [ AWAY] to turn the output of

Press [ STAY ] to turn the output off

As an example, here is the sequence to turn ON output 3: (master code is 2468)

2468, 5, AWAY, 3, AWAY

To turn output 1 OFF:

2468, 5 , AWAY, 1, STAY.

[ Code ] [ 6 ] [AWAY]

Set the Time and Date on your alarm panel.

You will have noticed that the current time and date is not displayed on the codepad.

The Bosch panel uses the time and date for the the for Automatic Arming and Automatic Disarming features.

Here’s how to set it:

Enter [ Master code ] [ 6 ] [AWAY ]

Enter DD + MM + YY + HH + MM + [ AWAY ]

where DD is the day of the month

MM is the month ( you must enter 2 digits: 01= January, 12= December)

YY = last two digits of the year

HH is the hour of the day. (Must use 24 hour format – 01 = 1 am, 13 = 1 pm.)

MM is the minutes of the day.

So to set he time and date to 2nd August 2020 at 9:30pm enter the following: (master code = 2468)

2468, 6, AWAY, 02, 08, 20, 21,30, [AWAY]


[ Code ] [ 7 ] [AWAY]

Walk Test Mode

This is a really handy feature that helps you test that all your sensors are working. Once you’re in walk test mode, walk through your home or office and trigger each of your sensors one by one.

When a sensor is triggered, the codepad beeper sounds. You also get a loud chirp from the outside siren. This confirms that the sensor is working.

This is something you should do at least a couple of times a year.

It’s simple and it only takes a couple of minutes.

To exit the walk-test mode, press [ AWAY ]

[Code ] [ 8 ] [AWAY]

Event History

View the previous 40 events on the Solution 844 and 880 panel and the last 256 events on the Solution 2000 and Solution 3000 panel.

Unfortunately, there is not time and date stamp on the events. The code pad just reads back all the alarm events and the arm/disarm events.

If you have the Bosch RSC + app you get a comprehensive event log, including time and date stamp.

[Code ] [ 9 ] [AWAY]

Duress Alarm.

This is used if you are being forced to turn the alarm off.

The sirens do not sound. There is no indication on the codepad that anything has occurred.

This is just in case the intruder decides to stab you if he thinks you’ve summoned help. A bit dramatic, and unlikley to be used by most of us, but that’s why it’s been added as a feature.

A message will be sent to the monitoring station (if you have back-to-base monitoring) or to all Bosch RSC apps if you have that feature.


Do you have a new respect for your clever little security system now?

It’s not essential that you use any of these commands…ever.

And despite the title, you probably can live without them!

But I think you’ll find you use at least one or two of them on a regular basis.

Hope you learned something!

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