Protect Your Home Like a Pro with the DIY System the Experts Rely On

Secure Your home with this powerful DIY Smart Alarm System in Around 30 Minutes - No Tools Needed

Free Video  and email Support



If you can use a smartphone you can easily install the Tolviviov Wireless Alarm System in around 30 minutes…and I’ll help you every step of the way….

This product has been a lifesaver...It’s easy to install and the app is easy to setup and use!!! You have have more than one user on the account at any given time and you can even use the sensors in your windows!!
- Ashley Hodge
My daughter just moved n a new apartment and she feels very safe with this product.
- Avis Channell

Overwhelmed by the thought of Installing the system yourself?

I get it. The thought of installing a security system can be daunting. But what if I told you that the SecureNet system is designed for the utmost simplicity?

No tools, no professionals needed – just your hands and 30 minutes of your time.


Never Feel Stuck….


Bonus 1 - Step-by-Step Videos

You’re system comes with easy to follow videos that show you exactly what to do. You’ll always know the next step to take. There’s no fluff here, just quick straight to the point information. Each video only runs for 60 seconds or so.

Bonus 2 - Unlimited Professional Support

All our DIY alarm systems come with free, unlimited email technical support from qualified and licensed alarm technicians. 

Free App To Control and Customise Your System - No Technician Required!


Home Screen.You have complete control of your system


Alarm Settings. Customise your system


Alarm History. Displays all alarm activity


Weather and Environment Display

Stop Searching - You've Found the Perfect DIY Alarm System!

What You’ll Get…Everything you need to protect your apartment, home or office.
No Contracts. No Fees. No Subscriptions

The Tolviviov Alarm Hub

The ‘brains’ of the system. Plugs into a standard power point. Connects to your wifi. Contains a loud siren – choose from one of 8 different siren tones from within the app.

8 Contact Sensors to Protect Doors and Windows

A wireless magnetic contact sensor for DIY alarms detects door/window openings by breaking a magnetic field, triggering alerts without complex wiring or professional installation. Double-sided tape and batteries included

1 PIR Motion Sensor

Battery powered motion sensor. Detects intruders up to 8 metres away.Comes with batteries and mounting tap. Can also be screwed to thr surface.


Completely wireless. Convenient 1-button arming. Enter your 4 digit PIN to disarm. Mount next to your entry door or leave it on a table. Portable and so easy to use.

1 Remote Control.

Conveniently arm and disarm your system from outside using the remote control. Functions include Arming  in AWAY mode, Arming in HOME mode and disarm.

Real Time Notifications and System Customization

Control your SecureNet system from your phone. Get notifications if the alarm is triggered. Share the app with trusted friends and family.

Change any of the system setting directly on the app: entry and exit delays, auto arming schedule, Home MOde sensors…amd moreNo fees. No subscriptions

You also get these Free bonuses...

Bonus 1

You’re system comes with easy to follow videos that show you exactly what to do.  Each video only runs for 60 seconds or so.


Bonus 2

All our DIY alarm systems come with free, unlimited email technical support from qualified and licensed alarm technicians. 

All this for under $300.00 Delivered directly to your door by Amazon
Over 800 Systems Have Already Been Snapped Up by Delighted Users

This alarm system is easy to set up and works great. The alarm is very loud, but you can control how loud it is from the app.

Efficient, Economical, Functional and Accurate. Breeze to install, all the sensors came with pre-configured/paired. Peel, stick and operate, what a breeze.

Stop Searching - You've Found the Perfect DIY Alarm System!

In the ever-expanding technological world of home security, making the right choice can be overwhelming

  • Your bombarded by too many choices online
  • your unsure if you can really handle the installation yourself
  • In the ever-expanding technological world of home security, making the right choice can be overwhelming
It’s a common dilemma!
Choosing and installing a DIY wireless security system can seem like a daunting task.

With Most DIY Alarms Systems You're On Your Own

They’re often overly complex and lack clear, easy-to-follow instructions

The customer support is practically non-existent, leaving you in the lurch  if you hit a snag.

And worst of all, these systems promise easy installation and reliable operation but deliver a frustrating, time-consuming experience

You end up overwhelmed and confused.

You can spend hours, maybe days trying to set up a system that was supposed to be ‘simple’ and ‘quick’ only to face the same annoying experience if you try to upgrade or troubleshoot.

There’s got to be a better way. 

Our short step-by-step video guides and unlimited email support, make he  SecureNet DIY wireless alarm system the smart choice


Steve Corless has been designing, installing and servicing electronic security systems since 1981
"SecureNet is the DIY wireless alarm system that made me re-think home security"

Why Is the Tolviviov alarm Different from the Rest?

SecureNet sets itself apart in the crowded DIY alarm market with its unmatched reliability and comprehensive features.

My 40+ years in the alarm business led me to SecureNet, the only affordable DIY system I endorse.

I tested over 20 DIY systems before choosing the SecureNet

It’s not just about the product; it’s the full package—easy installation videos and my personal email support for any questions, making it a standout choice for those seeking security and simplicity.

Steve featured in the TV show The Block (Cameron Street, Richmond)

Really good home security. The product is easy to install and provides an extra layer of security for your home glad to have chosen them for my home security whenever a door opens the alarm goes off and send a message to my phone

Worth the buy. This alarm system is worth the purchase. It came exactly as pictured/designed. And it works. Easy to use and setup.

Set Up Your Tolviviov System in Minutes

Yes. The system can have up to 20 sensors. See Accessories page 

Unfortunately no. Although the Tolviviov system is reliable, easy to install and relativley inexpensive, it does not have all the ‘nice-to-have’ features. Check out the AX-Pro id you need a system with pet-friendly sensors, along with several other handy features.

Yes. We recommend watching the installation videos before you start and have a quick look through the manual

The sensors consume very little power. The door/window sensors use a single A23 miniature alkaline battery (available at most supermarkets) The PIR motion sensors use 2 x AA batteries. In a typical residential alarm system the batteries should give 3-5 years. 

No need to be an expert to get this done, just a use a bit of common sense will do the trick. Try and think like a burglar! 😉

Burglars typically scout for hidden spots away from prying eyes, usually at the back or side near the fence.

Beware, wooden doors aren’t much of a challenge—they can be kicked in quite easily. (Standard locks are really for keeping the doors closed. They won’t withstand a couple of kicks)

And those sliding aluminum windows and doors? A simple lever tool can pop them right open, and yes, that includes the ones claiming to be ‘security doors’.

Getting in through the roof is a breeze too. Just slide back a few tiles, hop in, and a quick stomp through the ceiling gets you inside.

Watch out for rooms filled with tech and games, as well as garages and workshops—they’re prime targets.

Placing a sensor in the hallway is a smart move to catch any sneaky moves from the bedrooms.

Door and window magnetic sensors are your best friends. They let you secure these entry points even when you’re chilling at home, in what we call “Home Mode”.

For a basic setup with just one PIR sensor, it should be mounted either in the main hallway, or in the master bedroom (or wherever you keep your jewellery. at the main entrance, another at the back, and one more in the hallway or a room packed with valuables.

Free. No subscription, no fees. It’s better than several of the well-known ‘professional’ security system apps in terms of speed, reliability and features. I pulled out the Bosch Solution 3000 from my own home and now use the SecureNet as my alarm system because the app is so good.

Door/window sensor has 2 parts: the switch and the magnet.  The switch is mounted to the door or window frame.  The magnet is attached to door or window.

When door or window is closed, contact and magnet are together. If the door or window is opened  system alarms. 

Major advantage with these sensors is the security system activates before the thieves get in!

Yes you can. This is called Home mode. Home mode can be activated from the codepad, the remote control or the app. Any sensor you’ve designated as a Home Mode sensor will be active during Home Mode – this would typically be window/door switches and motion sensors in living areas. Motion sensors NOT designated as Home Mode sensors will be disabled. This means you can move around in certain areas of the home without tripping the alarm. The user manaul and installation videos show you how to set up your  Home Mode sensors. Its really simple, and you can change these settings yourself anytime.

Who Is This Package Suitable For?

Who Is This Package NOT Suitable For?

Tolviviov Delivers Easy Installation and Expert Support Get Yours Now

If you’re on the fence about choosing the Securenet DIY wireless alarm system, it’s understandable.

The thought of a complicated setup, questioning the system’s performance, or worrying about after-sales support are common concerns that can hold you back.

The Tolviviov system is crafted to dispel these doubts.

Our system is not only user-friendly but also comes with detailed instructional videos, making installation a breeze for anyone, regardless of technical skill.

Don’t Make The Mistake of Buying a Security System That Doesn’t Offer Installation Support!

Beyond its ease of use, Tolviviov’s reliability is unmatched, rigorously tested and hand-selected by a seasoned professional with over 40 years in the field.

And should you need it, our dedicated email support is always at your disposal, ensuring you’re never left in the lurch.

With Tolviviov, you’re not just purchasing a product; you’re gaining a partner in home security.

Take the step with confidence and let Tolviviov safeguard your peace of mind.


Key Features

Fully Supported – Unlike other DIY systems that leave your to figure it out…I’ll show you how to….

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