How Do I Isolate Zones on a Bosch Alarm?


Sometimes its useful to be able to temporarily isolate one or more zones from your Bosch Solution 880, Solution 2000 or Solution 3000 security system.

I’ll show you how to quickly isolate alarm zones. I’m also going to show you how to set up a way to automatically isolate certain zones when you arm your alarm system

Here’s how to isolate a zone

1 – Press the star [ * ] button twice. The code pad will beep, and the Stay icon will flash

2 – Enter the number of the zone you want to isolate, followed by the star [*] button

3 – Enter the next zone number that you want to isolate, followed by the AWAY button

4 – When all zones that you want to isolate have been entered, press the AWAY button. The zones that you selected will be flashing slowly on the codepad.

5 – Arm the system in the normal way.

The system will start beeping to indicate that the exit delay is running. At the end of the exit delay, you’re alarm system will be armed and the zones you selected will be isolated.

When you disarm the system, any zones that you isolated will automatically become de-isolated.

That means you’ll need to go through the manual isolate procedure every time you arm the system.

Unless you set up….

The Stay Mode 2 Shortcut

If you find you regularly need to isolate a zone or several zones every time you arm your alarm, you can program the zone as a ‘Stay 2’ zone.

This handy function lets you quickly arm just part of the system by pressing a single button. You choose which zones will be automatically isolated and which remain active when you arm the alarm.

Here are the steps.

1 – Enter your Master Code, then [ 4 ], then [ AWAY ] or the [ # ] button,depending on your codepad)

The codepad will beep three times and the STAY and AWAY indicators will flash

2 – Enter the zone that you want to isolate automatically, then press the [ STAY ] button or [ * ] depending on your codepad

The zone that you selected will start flashing

3 – Repeat Step 2 to add another zone if you need to. You can add as many zones as you need to.

4 – When you’ve finished adding all the zones you need to isolate, press the [ AWAY ] button to exit programming mode.

The codepad will beep twice and the STAY and AWAY indicators will turn off

You choose which zones will be active and which will be isolated.

Arming in STAY Mode 2

Now you can test STAY Mode 2 to check it is set up the way you’d like.

To arm the system in STAY Mode 2, press and hold the [ 0 ] button until you hear 2 beeps.

The STAY indicator will turn on. The zones that will be automatically isolated will be flashing.

To disarm the system, enter your 4 digit code and press [ STAY ]

If you’ve made an error and the zones you expected to be isolated are not are not flashing, no problem!

Just go back to the programming steps above and start again.

Stay Mode 1

If you’re already arming your system before you go to sleep, you’re probably using STAY Mode 1.

It’s usually just referred to as STAY mode and would have been set up by your installer.

That’s because you need the Installer Code to set up Stay Mode 1.

Not all installers set up Stay mode 1.

If you like the idea of having some of the sensors armed while you sleep, you can do it yourself using Stay Mode 2.

Stay Mode 2 is completely separate to Stay mode 1 and can be set up using the Master Code as demonstrated above.


Having two independent Stay modes gives you a lot of flexibility.

Stay mode 1 can be used for night arming for peace of mind while you sleep.

In addition, Stay mode 2 can be set up to monitor the garage, studio, shed or whatever, while the rest of the house is disarmed.

Use Stay Mode 2 as a ‘Pet Arming’ mode.

If you need to leave your pet inside on rainy days, you can set up Stay mode 2 to automatically isolate the living room for example but leave the rest of the house secure.

Guest Arming is another popular use. If you occasionally have overnight guests, you cam set STAY 2 to isolate the guest bedroom and hallway.

Now you guests are free to move around the bedroom, get to the bathroom while the rest of the house remains secure.

I hope you found this short article helpful.

If you have a topic that you’d like more information on, please leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to include it in the future.

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