Why Is the Off Light Flashing On MY Bosch Alarm?

Have you noticed that the OFF icon sometimes flashes on your Bosch Alarm panel?

The good news is there’s nothing wrong with your system. Follow this simple procedure to stop the Off icon flashing.

The reason the Off icon is flashing is because you’re alarm system is disarmed, AND at least one of your zones is unsealed.

You’ll notice that whenever the OFF icon is flashing at least one of the zone numbers on your codepad will also be on. Here’s how to fix it:

Using your Zone List, identify which sensor is indicating an unsealed condition

If it’s a door or window, check that it’s fully closed

If the zone is a motion sensor, ensure there is no movement in the area

When all zone numbers on your codepad are off, all your zones are sealed.

Now the OFF icon will stop flashing and just stay on.

Zone Indicators

The zone indicators on the codepad correspond to the various sensors that are installed around your home.

A typical zone list for a house would be:

1 – Front door switch

2 – Hallway motion sensor

3 – Living room motion sensor

4 – Master bedroom motion sensor

5 – Back door switch

6 – Spare

7 – Spare

8 – Spare

In the example above, the numbers represent the number on the codepad.

So if the Off icon is flashing on the codepad, check which zone number is on.

If it was zone 5, close the back door and recheck the codepad. You should find that zone 5 has turned off AND the OFF icon is not flashing.

If you have a motion sensor near the codepad, you may have to stand still for a few seconds to get that sensor to reset before the OFF icon stops flashing.

Zone Indicator Stuck ON

What if you have closed all the doors and are standing still BUT a zone indicator is still on?

Your alarm panel thinks that the zone is unsealed. That means the Off icon will continue to flash.

This could be due to a door or window that isn’t closed or someone moving in front of a motion sensor.

It could also be caused by a faulty device, battery or cable.

Here are some things you can try to identify the problem.

Motion Sensors

If the faulty zone is a motion sensor, it will either be hardwired or wireless

Hardwired Motion Sensors –There are really only three reasons why you’re hardwired motion sensor is showing an ‘unsealed’ condition on the codepad:

The sensor is faulty

The alarm panel is faulty

The wire that connects the sensor to the alarm panel is faulty

Walk in front of the sensor and see if the red or blue indicator light comes on.

If it doesn’t (but it used to when the system was installed) the most likely cause will be a faulty cable between the alarm panel and the motion sensor.

If you’ve had tradespeople in the roof doing some work, they may have damaged the cable

The other common cause of cable damage is rodents chewing on the cable.

If the light on the motion sensor does come on, the cable is probably OK and the cause is probably a faulty motion sensor.

If you’re reasonably good with a screwdriver you can replace the motion sensor yourself.

You don’t have to use the identical sensor any PIR motion sensor designed for hardwired systems will do.

I prefer the Bosch Gen II Blue line

When you’ve replaced the sensor, check the codepad and make sure all zones are sealed.

You’ll also find that the Off icon is not flashing

Wireless Motion Sensors – The first thing to do if the faulty zone is a wireless motion sensor is to replace the battery.

Batteries in wireless sensors generally last around 3 years.

Battery replacement is pretty straightforward.

Check your User Manual if you’re not sure how to do it.

If the zone indicator is still showing that the zone is unsealed, it’s time to call in professional help.

I strongly recommend you use a licensed alarm technician.

Door and Window Switches (Reed Switches)

Fault finding on these is best done with a multi-meter however there are a couple of things you can try:

1 – Double check that the window or door is fully closed

2 – Replace the battery if it’s a wireless reed switched

If the codepad is still showing an unsealed zone, your best bet would be to have an alarm technician check the system for you.

Unfortunately there’s not much more you can do to fix the flashing off icon yourself.

I have several articles on this site that show how to carry out repairs yourself.

Most repairs are easy to carry out if you’ve got some basic tools, a multi-meter and a bit of time

In Closing

The Off light flashing is not really a problem.

The important thing is to regularly check that all your zones are sealing as you arm the alarm.

Just check that all your zone indicators are off AND the off icon is not flashing.

Remember, your alarm will arm even if one or more of the zones is not sealed.

This can be dangerous and lead to a false sense of security.


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